Monday, May 23, 2016

The Giver: Book vs. Movie

I think that the Giver book was better than the movie because it had more detail, better descriptions, and the book more interesting. One reason I liked the book better was because it had more detailed descriptions. For example, in the book, when the apple turns red, I had a better visual than in the movie, when Fiona's hair faintly and unnoticeably turns red. The book described the apple’s change in color and I could picture it in my mind really well and get a good idea of what it looked like. But, in the movie, I wouldn't have noticed her hair change if it wasn't highlighted. The movie didn't really get the point across about what was happening in the story. Another example is when in the book The Giver has Jonas lay on a bed and The Giver puts his hand on Jonas’s back to transmit the memories, whereas in the movie, The Giver simply grabs Jonas’s arms. In the book when Jonas gets some scary or sad memories the author had him jump up and run out of the room which made it dramatic. I got a clear idea of the pain and sadness Jonas was feeling. However, in the movie, the same scene didn't come across as well. I did not really know how he was feeling.
Further, in the book, Asher was named Assistant Director of Recreation. However, in the movie Asher was named a Pilot, which was a much better assignment. This difference between the book and movie is interesting because the book portrayed Asher as a troublemaker, unreliable, and not overly intelligent. However, in the movie, Asher had a respected and earned position. This change make him come off as a good student and a good kid. I prefer the book’s version of Asher because he was a much more interesting character in the book, which made me want to keep reading. I also think the book’s portrayal of Asher as a  troublemaker is better for the story because without this version of Asher some of my favorite parts of the book would not be possible.
Another difference that makes the book better in my opinion is in the book the Chief Elder is briefly introduced and didn't have a huge role. I liked the story better that way because the Chief Elder isn't very important or a huge part of the story. But in the movie, (for no reason) the Chief Elder has a bigger and unnecessary role. She appears a couple more times and is more involved in the story. In my opinion the book was better because the Chief Elder was not a strong character, and the book downplayed her role.

In conclusion, I think that the Giver book was better than the movie because it had more detail and description, it was more fun to read, and easier to interpret. I could not put the book down. The movie, on the other hand, was slightly boring and very predictable. I would recommend reading the Giver book over watching the movie because you will not be able to put down the book, but the movie will be boring and will not get every point, lesson, and storyline across as well as the book will.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

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author said : “There’s an immediate sense one has, which must be relied on, which we can’t not trust, that says: that’s just wrong.”
I think : I dont understand what this quote means.

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author said : in theory it is a highly disable or near perfect actualities

I think : that are society is fine the way it is , i don't see why people want a Utopian society .

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Title/url: How Does Technology Affect OurBrains?

Summary: About how technology affects your brain attention Spain and memory , to a great extent or no ?

What I Think? : I think that if technology affects the major parts of our brains we SHOULD be limited from it.

Monday, March 14, 2016

It was Sunday night and I decided that I should call my grandma and see if it was a good time to start the interview she said yes! So I hung up and face timed her.. She answered and she was in her kitchen and she was making cookies. She decided to give me detailed instructions on how to make cookies , so I made some at my house along with her telling me what to do. Then I told her how the interview was gonna go and that I would probably being asking follow up questions and made sure she knew to go into depth with her answers.

My grandma has shortish black hair and , she has a walker because of her back and her hip.She had cancer and had to get kimo and it made her bones week, but she can easily stand and walk around in her house. My grandma was born in Canada and she had lived there her whole life until my mom was about 12 , then they moved to the bay area , she had 2 other kids both are boys (my uncles) . Now my grandparents live up in Sacramento, so I see them about two times a year, when we are at their house we always go to this one Chinese restaurant. My dad's mom lives 3 blocks from them so I see his mom and my mom's parents at the same time. I refer to them and Grammy and grampy. My Grammy is about 5’3 and she had a little bit of a Canadian accent.

I started the interview off by asking if she could send me a picture and telling her what it was about , and about the project and she was excited to help me.  
“Okay let's get started.” I started off by asking her a few simple questions then I got into the bigger more deep ones. “ what would you say are the major values or principles you live by?”
“Faith in God, love of family,& belief in myself have always been the principles that guide me”
“Next question” “ What lessons did you learn from your bad experiences?”
“First you have to realize that most of the time we cannot control our experiences good or bad.Life has tought me that many bad experiences come our way. It's how we handle them is what matters .I always try to find a positive no matter how bad the experience & how I can see it from a different perspective”
“ The 3rd question is, What are some of the important choices or decisions you made that you have learned from?”
“ When I decided my profession I Knew it would entail a lot of work but it was so worth it.Having children was a very important decision,"my most rewarding "as now I am blessed with eight wonderful grandchildren.I learned we are the captain of our own ship & we do the steering.”
“Alright next question” “ Was Canada much different from the USA, why ?”
“Growing up in Canada was very different from the US.Because we lived on the border our small town population doubled in the summer as Americans came to spend the summer at their cottages on the lake. We always felt they led more privileged lives. Many friendships were made & marriages resulted. Canadians are more reserved .”
“What bad decisions did you make that you have had great consequences?”
“ I cannot think of a bad decision. I usually think things through before making a decision. Life has shown me that it is not what happens to you in life that matters but how you handle it that matters each day is a gift to enjoy.
Title of article : "The best week of the year"

Summary of main point : The point was about how kids , don't always have to be doing something and that having no "screens" can make them go outside more and participate in more activities.

What I think of main point: I totally agree with the point and think kids should spend more time away from there phones and do more activities , but kids would disagree with this point but parents would totally agree.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

sentence 1~ I read about the black death plague.
sentence 2~ I wonder why they call very deadly disease "plagues"?
sentence 3~ If the black death was contagious in my opinion they should have kept people with it separate from people who don't have it.